HJ-Shell-HJ212-Sprint-Boat-1995In February the factory completed build of the number 10,000 HJ212 waterjet unit. There would be few, if any, waterjets in the world that have reached this milestone.

HJ212-10K-Assembly-AThe first HJ212 was built almost 17 years ago to the day – February 1995 – and was sold to the NZ Marine Division where it was installed into a 132 jet sprinting boat sponsored by HamiltonJet and Shell. (Boat is pictured) Unfortunately the jet proved unsuitable for sprinting so was replaced and its whereabouts is currently unknown.

Serial number 10,000 HJ212 headed to BC Canada, to be installed in a 23ft Harbercraft 2375 jet boat. This boat will be on show at a number of boat expos in Canada during March and profiled on a local TV show, then will be on displayed in Harbercraft’s showroom at its Vancouver branch.

Doing the math - 10,000 HJ212s over 17 years averages out to 588 jets per year, 49 per month and 12 per week. The vast majority of these have gone to the Seattle office – at up to 60 HJ212s per month - for sales into the US Pacific North West.