SERVICE: Fishing Boat
LOCATION: Port Lincoln, South Australia
LENGTH: 18.30 metres [LOA]
BEAM: 5.75 metres
DRAUGHT: 0.85 metres
DISPLACEMENT : 30 tonnes [laden]
SPEED: 28 knots [laden]
WATERJETS: Twin HamiltonJet Model HJ403
ENGINES: Twin Yanmar 6HYM-WET diesels - 522kW (700hp) @ 2200rpm
GEARBOXES: ZF 325-1 1:225:1 ratio
DESIGNER: Oceantech Design, South Australia
BUILDER: Calibre Marine, South Australia
OWNER/OPERATOR: SAMS Tuna, Port Lincoln, South Australia
HJ DISTRIBUTOR: JetSynergy, Brisbane, Australia

This Tuna Farm Utility vessel fulfils a number of roles in the Southern Bluefin Tuna Farming operation in South Australia. Set up specifically for diver support, the versatile catamaran also assists with maintenance, anchor handling and crew transfer. One key advantage with waterjets is the low risk of entangling nets and ropes, and with blue ARROW controls the skipper has precise control of the vessel in all conditions.